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Switched from Eyezy to FlexiSPY
Joey, W
June 23, 2023

With Eyezy nothing ever loaded and when it did it was super old and was never consistent. Tried reaching out to customer care and they were no help. I need one that works!

Switched from ClevGuard to FlexiSPY
Kendalynn, R
June 19, 2023

I switched from ClevGuard to FlexiSPY. With ClevGuard I had missing call recordings, lag time for data and shows green dot on Android when recording.

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
June 18, 2023

Once in a while mSpy stops working and requires to be reinstalled manually for screen recorder and keylogger to work again temporarily

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Mainak, G
June 12, 2023

With mSpy, social media tracking is unreliable and depend upon keylogger which is most of the time not accurate

Switched from XNSPY to FlexiSPY
Ahmed, S
May 24, 2023

Switched from XNSPY to FlexiSPY. XNSPY don't have call recording on android 13. They are karting the phone.

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Russell, C
May 15, 2023

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY. With mSpy the connected device shows everything. Red cast icon, popups to update service, strange numbers in notification bar. Not good!

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Wayne, M
May 14, 2023

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY. With mSpy, social media monitoring did not work at all and texts messages were not displaying properly. For Facebook and messenger it kept saying no recent data even though she had just been on it. I did all the steps to root it to the phone and still not working.

Switched from XNSPY to FlexiSPY
Randi, V
May 12, 2023

XNSPY would not upload in real time as promised, and it was sporadically doing what it was supposed to be doing. Support does not respond in timely manner either.

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Odette, S
April 24, 2023

With mSpy there was difficulty installing it and the terrible customer service with no one wanting to assist me to install it. And refusal to refund my money even though.

Switched from WinSpy to FlexiSPY
R, G
April 24, 2023

Switched from Winspy to FlexiSPY. No help to root device, dashboard had nothing but links, but no info about the device WhatsApp activity, no information on dashboard, page can not be loaded since 2 days ago... boughted 4 days ago... so the page worked only pne day and a half.

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