FlexiSPY Reviews From Those Who Know

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Piotr, G
March 12, 2023

mSpy works poorly with phones there are delays in transferring data from the server, screenshot is fiction in this application, root also

Switched from mspy to flexispy
Kekoa, K
March 10, 2023

With mSpy, i got no new updates when testing with monitored device after an hour

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Marvin, S
February 27, 2023

mSpy worked for 2 days
It leaves an icon on main screen
Update service puts your device at risk
Uninstall harmful App messages

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Amy, S
February 27, 2023

It showed a red casting icon. There refund policy makes it extremely hard to get a refund.

Switch from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Clyde, Z
February 25, 2023

mSPy only works 24 hours. after that all features stops working/updating. also tech support is a bum always takes too long to respond to queries. mSpy is unreliable spy app and a waste of money.

I switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Katarzyna, J
February 18, 2023

mSpy was supposed to be undetectable on the phone but the app is a joke. Its easily detectable on android 13. When you go to privacy settings it shows straight away that there is a malware installed on the phone and all you need to do is press uninstall. The app should be at least protected by a password to prevent from uninstalling and definitely should be undetectable by the antivirus software. There is no option to add the app to exclusion.

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Stephanie, K
February 13, 2023

With mSpy, the updated service app that is on my targets phone notified it of the mspy app. Now its useless to me. Very dissatisfied

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Jason, T
February 10, 2023

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY. mSpy has been having a lot of lag time and now it has totally stopped updating data for over 24 hours.

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Mo, A
February 4, 2023

With mSpy, the screenrecorder always stopped working. Also not able to listen to recorded voice notes or access microphone and camera.

Switched from XNSPY to FlexiSPY
Leslie, L
January 31, 2023

To expensive to always be offline. The customer support is always rude. Amongst alot of other things

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