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Switching from Cocospy to FlexiSPY
Starlene, W
November 15, 2023

With Cocospy, I kept having to update and it has to be done with device which isn’t always easy to get

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Jo, N
November 14, 2023

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY. Half of mSpys features didn't work, and when extending subscription updates stopped and all customer service was robots in chat sending generic responses even though id actioned all the different options to fix. So frustrating, even paid for the extra premium assistance

Switched from Clevguard to FlexiSPY
Leb, E
November 2, 2023

The CLEVGUARD service is blocked by the ISP (cellular internet provider blocks the service), making the app only available if both phones (target phone and monitoring) are connected to some WIFI.
I used MSPY before, it did not have this problem with the ISP. But I left MSPY because the service was unreliable, the monitoring was stopped alone every time few days after installation, screen-recorder stopped working totally, etc....

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Lynn A
October 23, 2023

Switchde from mSpy to FlexiSPY. With mSpy, the icon shows on the target phone (android), so it's not invisible as advertised. Thus the person and deactivate the service quickly. The antivirus also gets detected easily on target phone. I used it before a year ago, and always had problems with screen recording. It doesn't do WhatsApp voice notes. Endless

Switched from uMobix to FlexiSPY
Julia G
October 19, 2023

Half of the uMobix options did not work, updates came after 4-6 hours instead of the stated 10 minutes. The app is quickly recognized on the target device.

Switched from Umobix to FlexiSPY
Ana, M
October 18, 2023

Switching from mSpy to FlexiSPY. mSpy does not update daily. Does not show texts and WhatsApp like it claims. I have to have phone in my hand to update. Has not worked since I purchased it. I need to monitor several devices- iPhone, iPad, MacBook.

Switched from FlexiSPY to Highster Mobile
Renee, W
October 12, 2023

With mSpy, Gps loc3stion is never correct and it doesn't show all of text messages

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Kellie, J
October 10, 2023

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY. mSpy does not update regularly no matter what interval i have set. Doesnt show all text message

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Brian, R
October 10, 2023

mSpy failed to track the target phone and failed to update messages also I couldn't view all the photos on the target device and I could see that there were videos on there but I couldn't view them. The software has frozen showing its location a week ago.

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Jennifer, P
October 9, 2023

With mSpy, nothing worked! I kept downloading new things and asking for assistance. I saw nothing

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