FlexiSPY Reviews From Those Who Know

Flexispy is the bomb
Jacquelyn L
January 30, 2023

I used flexispy and the features were outstanding .. recording ambient sounds and phone calls got me all the info I needed . But beware..... It can be very addictive using this. When the time to end the monitoring, ok found myself having empty feelings inside from not knowing who when why what and where anymore.

Switched from ClevGuard to FlexiSPY
Nicole, K
January 26, 2023

ClevGuard was supposed to be undetectable and that was not correct. The target phone kept getting pop ups asking to use microphone etc.. also not all text messages would show up. It was half ass. The location was always wrong as well. It was a terrible spy app especially because the target kept getting the pop ups. So much for being undetectable

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Ravi V
January 26, 2023

Updates are irregular and not all information captured. Not reliable.

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Amanda, R
January 8, 2023

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY. mSpy doesn't work at all total scam and rip off

Switched from uMobix to FlexiSPY
Arielle, B
December 12, 2022

With uMobix, the screencast icon was always visible and notifications popped up on the Samsung device :/

Flexispy has features I would like to have
Daniel, S
December 7, 2022

I discovered a couple of minutes after the purchase of XNSPY, that Flexispy has additional features that I would appreciate to have.

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Nichole, M
November 28, 2022

My husband found mSpy on his phone, and it isn’t showing his emails either, or messaging in fb messenger

Switched from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Ave, P
November 26, 2022

Tried mSpy on 2 android phones, in both cases it failed to get me any important information like photos, videos and location

Switched from SpyBubble to FlexiSPY
Amy, M
November 26, 2022

FlexiSpy is light years ahead of their competition. I thought going with the cheaper competitor would be my best option and I was so wrong. FlexiSpy delivers on all the features they promise unlike other similar products.

With Spybubble nothing seemed to work as I clicked "open chat" from the text message option it opened random messages from other numbers, sometimes it only showed the outgoing or incoming messages instead Of both.

Their keylogger wasn't much better, it-showed literal asterisks instead of logging the actual key strokes. With FlexiSpy I don't have to worry about any of this with all I have to do is log in and all the information is right where it is supposed to be. Do yourself a favor and go with the best the first time around, choose FlexiSpy.

Switching from mSpy to FlexiSPY
Sebastiano, C
November 23, 2022

Switching from mSpy to FlexiSPY. mSpy prices are too high and the website doesn't even work properly, example= the location is inaccurate, they don't record the calls.

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